Salmon fishing is available all year round in Vancouver. Peak season usually runs from March through October and various species of salmon are typically more abundant during certain times of the year.. Check out this guide to help with your trip planning. Dungeness crab and prawn are generally available all year.

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Chinook Salmon (Kings)

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The largest of Pacific salmon species, an adult Chinook salmon is capable of growing up to 80lbs or more. The Chinook is easily distinguished from other salmon, due to it’s size. Anglers often refer to Chinook Salmon as “Kings” or “Springs” or “Blackmouths”. The Chinook has black gums, giving it the name “blackmouth” in some areas. Black spots extend from its gill plates across its back and tail. Ocean dwelling Chinook have blue-green sides which blacken in summer, and silver undersides. Chinook also have their own distinct scent and those familiar with salmon can identify the Chinook by unique perfume. Chinook are also the only salmon to have two different genetic strains, giving it either white or red meat. Quite often we’ll find “marbled” meet, a combination of stripes and swirls in the fillet. Chinooks are typically the most sought Salmon for angling as their sheer size sets them apart from the other species of Salmon!  Click here to catch yours >


Coho Salmon (Silvers)

Coho Salmon Pic

Coho salmon are found in most of the coastal streams and rivers of British Columbia. During the pre-spawn, Coho will often “stack up” near the local rivers such as the Capilano river before migrating upstream to spawn. This is typically when we target Coho Salmon along the West Vancouver shoreline. Adult coho salmon have silver sides and metallic blue backs with irregular black spots. Coho Salmon are aggressive, territorial and often vibrantly coloured and feisty fighters! Click here to catch yours >


Sockeye Salmon (Reds)

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Sockeye are the most sought after for their superior flesh, colour and quality. Their rich oil content and red colour make them a favorite at the table. The Sockeye fishery typically begins mid to late July and goes through until September in the Vancouver area. The Sockeye salmon run in massive schools, and that makes fishing for them very exciting. More often than not we have double and triple headers and the fish box fills up quickly!


Pink Salmon (Humpies)

Pink Salmon Pic

Pink salmon are the smallest of the Pacific salmon, averaging between 3-10lbs. They are silver coloured with a streamlined body and a slightly indented tail. Pink salmon have tiny scales and their tail is heavily marked with large oval spots. Ocean Pink Salmon have blue or bluish-green backs. During spawning, males grow a large hump and both sexes change from their maturing fish return to the rivers where they were born to spawn and die.



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